Volume No. :   6

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2015

ISSN Print :  0976-2981

ISSN Online :  2321-5844


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Ethosomes –Novel Drug Delivery System

Address:   Singh Shikha Y.1*, Aher Smita S.1, Saudagar Ravindra B.2
1Department of Pharmaceutics, KCT’S RGS College of Pharmacy, Anjaneri, Nashik.422213.Maharashtra, India.
2Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, KCT’S RGS College of Pharmacy, Anjaneri, Nashik.422213.Maharashtra, India.
*Corresponding Author

Skin acts as a major target as well as a principal barrier for topical/transdermal drug delivery. Despite the many advantages of this system, the major obstacle is the low diffusion rate of drugs across the stratum corneum. Several methods have been tried to increase the permeation rate of drugs temporarily. One simple and convenient approach is application of drugs in formulation with elastic vesicles or skin enhancers. Vesicular system is one of the most controversial methods for transdermal delivery of active substances in that ethosomes are the ethanolic phospholipids vesicles which are used mainly for transdermal delivery of drugs. Ethosomes are nanocarriers for transdermal drug delivery system. These are too small to be detected by immune system and moreover they can be use to deliver the drug in the target organ using lower drug doses in order to reduce side effects. Ethosomes comprises of phospho-bilipids layers along with ethanol which gives efficient permeation and penetration of the drugs. It delivers large molecules such as peptides, protein molecules. Simple method for drug delivery in comparison to Iontophoresis and Phonophoresis and other complicated methods. High patient compliance as it is administrated in semisolid form (gel or cream) and various application in Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Cosmetic field.
Ethosomes, vesicles, Transdermis, Dermis, Stratum corneum.
Singh Shikha Y., Aher Smita S., Saudagar Ravindra B.. Ethosomes –Novel Drug Delivery System. Research J. Topical and Cosmetic Sci. 6(1):Jan.–June 2015 page 7-14.
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